Voice Screen Lock Android Phone Review:- The Voice Screen Lock software is designed for you if you misplace your phone’s standard PIN, pattern, or fingerprint lock! You can use your voice to lock or unlock your phone with its assistance. Read this article through to the end if you want to learn how to lock your screen using voice commands.

You are no longer required to memorize any intricate PIN or pattern. To lock your phone, simply utter your voice password. In this post, we’ll examine the Voice Screen Lock app in detail and demonstrate how to use voice control to lock your screen. Now let’s get going!

Set Voice Screen Lock Android Phone

An alternative lock screen for your Android phone is the Voice Screen Lock third-party app. With it, you can use your voice to unlock the phone.

Say the voice command you’ve recorded to unlock your phone anytime you want to use it.

For anyone who struggle to remember the pattern or PIN or who are in a hurry, this software is really helpful. It’s also a stylish and entertaining method to unlock your phone.

Best Features Voice Lock Screen App for Android

The Voice Screen Lock app has a lot of unique features. Let’s look at them:

Voice Unlock:- The ability to unlock your phone with just your voice is the app’s most notable feature. One or more voice password recordings are possible.

Customization:- You have the ability to change the app’s appearance and backdrop.

Backup and Restore:- In the event that you forget your voice passwords, you can restore them from a backup that you can make.

Security:- An alternative PIN or pattern lock can also be configured. Use this PIN/pattern if voice recognition isn’t working or if you’re in a public setting.

Supports Several Languages:- You can record voice instructions in the language of your choice thanks to this app’s support for several languages.

How to Use Voice Screen Lock Android Phone?

The voice screen lock software is really simple to use. Let’s see how to set it up.

  • Install the Voice Screen Lock app first by downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  • Give the app permission to use the microphone so that it may capture your voice.
  • You will now be prompted by the app to record your voice password.
  • You record yourself speaking your voice command in a calm place.
  • For added extra security, you can optionally configure a PIN or pattern lock.
  • Open the app now and log in as the device administrator.
  • You can make the app your lock screen.
  • Say your voice command to lock your phone whenever you want to.

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